Preparing furniture for moves


When preparing for a move or to store your belongings, it is important that certain pieces of furniture be shrink wrapped; especially upholstered. Some furniture can be extremely heavy and challenging to move without the help of professional movers; Trusted Movers can help.  

The following tips will help you prepare furniture and keep it safe, both on the road and in storage. 

Preparing furniture for moves

1. Get all the necessary supplies – boxes, moving blankets, stuffing material, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, resealable plastic bags, packing tape, furniture dolly, tools and straps.

2. Lack of space doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have to give up some of your favorite furniture. Storage can accommodate furniture that won’t fit in your new home. Furniture has to be prepared differently especially when planning for long term storage. 

3.  Furniture moving tips – Furniture should be cleaned properly and dusted before packing. Give each piece of furniture a thorough cleaning and allow it to dry completely before wrapping with furniture pads and shrink wrap.  

4. Disassemble bulky pieces prior to move for easy transportation. Empty contents of all drawers.  

5. Remove legs from furniture to safely move tall furniture and avoid major scratches and damage to walls, floors, doors, and doorframes.  Always pack the legs of furniture separately and keep them with the corresponding furniture. 

6. Our mattress covers will protect your mattress from damage, moisture, pests, and stains.  

7. Its best to pack small parts like screws, bolts and nuts in a zip top bag attached to a larger part. 

8. Empty cupboards, and chests of drawers to make the load lighter while carrying the furniture. 

9. Be sure to always cover corners and edges of the furniture to prevent damage. 

10. It is recommended to wrap upholstered furniture with blankets and then add a layer of shrink wrap especially if furniture is being moved to storage for a longer period of time. 

11. Any furniture that has glass or mirror on it must be handled with care. As professional movers, we wrap the glass or mirror with bubble wrap and then add a layer of cardboard to safely transport the piece. 

12. Choosing the right size of shrink wrap is important. When you need to wrap furniture with shrink wrap, always purchase furniture moving grade shrink wrap which is wider and easier to wrap furniture with. It provides better coverage too. 

13. When wrapping leather furniture for storage, always make sure to wrap the furniture with a layer of blanket before using shrink wrap. Never wrap leather furniture with shrink wrap directly.  

14. If you have a bird cage to be moved, always clean the cage prior to wrapping. For safety reasons, we always recommend that the bird cage be shrink wrapped prior to the move. 

15. Motorized furniture can be extremely heavy and tricky to move. Always check the user manual and disconnect electric supply before trying to disassemble the furniture. It is best to have professional movers, such as Trusted Movers, handle motorized furniture such as Tempur-pedic beds, recliners, and sofas with electric recliners. Experienced movers are well-versed in handling such furniture.  

16. While marble top furniture is elegant, they are very delicate and can be heavy. When handling large furniture with marble tops, it is best to hire experienced movers to pack and move the piece safely. 

17. Specialty items such as Big Green Egg are expensive and must be packed and transported safely.  

18. When moving outdoor furniture, check for any bugs and thoroughly clean the furniture prior to wrapping.  

We hope the above tips will help you prepare for your upcoming move.
If you have any other questions, feel free to call our office at 408-560-3338.  


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